Crop Insurance Support Continues in Recent Farm Policy Discussions

March 2017

It is a busy season for agriculture, not just in the fields but also on the policy front.

In just the past week, for example, a major Farm Bill Summit brought stakeholders together in D.C., while across town lawmakers posed questions to Secretary of Agriculture nominee Sonny Perdue. And another Farm Bill hearing was held in the House of Representatives. Crop insurance was again a major talking point with many influencers singing the program’s praises.

Here’s a roundup of some of the recent comments made about crop insurance and its importance in maintaining strong agricultural production in this country:

“To me, I think the American taxpayer gets a good value (with crop insurance). And hopefully we can work together… to make sure that the crop insurance program is sound, solid and a good economic value not only for producers but the taxpayer as well.”

– Sonny Perdue, Secretary of Agriculture nominee

“Prior to a viable crop insurance program we did have a lot of ad hoc disaster assistance that was very, very difficult for members of Congress to deal with.”

– Chuck Conner, National Council of Farmer Cooperatives

“One of the big misconceptions is the fact that (crop insurance) is a program that is somehow limited to the middle of the country… part of the struggle here is to make sure folks recognize the diversity of support, where the support is located and that it is nationwide.”

– Rob Larew, National Farmers Union

“I think the crop insurance program has been a pretty incredible program. It’s worked really well.”

– Mary Kay Thatcher, American Farm Bureau Federation

“NCGA believes that for the corn farmer who faces a high level of financial and production risks every year, (investments in new technology and more modern production practices) were made possible by a farm safety net that offers sound risk management tools and a costshare federal crop insurance program that serves as the foundation.”

– Wesley Spurlock, National Corn Growers Association

“ASA’s recommendations for the 2018 Farm Bill begin with the need to maintain the current crop insurance program as the core risk management tool for producers of soybeans and other crops. … Crop insurance isn’t broken, and it doesn’t need to be fixed.”

– Ron Moore, American Soybean Association

“Each year there will inevitably be producers in some part of the country that experience weather conditions outside of their control that could take out their crop. Crop insurance is critically important to enable a producer to farm another year after such an experience.”

– David Schemm, National Association of Wheat Growers

“In the highly uncertain business of farming, any certainty we can get is of tremendous value to us. This is also why crop insurance is so valuable – because of its rock-solid certainty.”

– Dan Atkisson, National Sorghum Producers